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Microsoft Azure: Virtual Machines, Virtual Networking, and RDS

By Aidan Finn - April 16, 2014

Still leery of Microsoft Azure? In part 2 of this series, find out whether Azure can help you in your work and whether it'll take away - or help - your job.

Going to TechEd 2014? Meet your favorite Petri Authors in Person!

By Jeff James - April 16, 2014

Going to Microsoft TechEd 2014 in Houston this year? Register for our author meet and greet at the conference to meet your favorite Petri authors!

Top Windows Phone 8.1 Features For Businesses

By Mary Branscombe - April 16, 2014

These are a few of our favorite things... about the new Windows Phone 8.1 update, including improvements to security and management, and more!

Get Reviewer Details from System Center Service Manager

By Damian Flynn - April 16, 2014

The inbox Service Manager activities in Orchestrator are limited. Learn to leverage PowerShell to create an activity that will enhance your inbox offerings.

How to Run PowerShell Scripts with Administrative Privileges

By Russell Smith - April 15, 2014

Here are two ways to launch PowerShell scripts with administrative rights when you are logged in using a standard user account.

Microsoft Adds BT and Verizon As Azure ExpressRoute Partners

By Aidan Finn - April 15, 2014

Learn more about Microsoft's plans to introduce a new WAN solution to connect on-premise clouds, as well as the company's new partnerships with BT and Verizon.

Editor's Picks

Top 10 VMware vSphere Performance Tips

By David Davis - January 8, 2013

Viva la virtualization! Make the most of it with our top 10 performance vSphere tips by David M. Davis.

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Server 2012

By Jeff James - November 29, 2012

Looking for a faster way to navigate the new interface in Windows Server 2012? Check out this helpful list of Windows Server 2012 keyboard commands and

How to Add a Windows 8 Start Menu

By Trevor Pott - October 3, 2012

Get Windows 8 working the way you want it to work. Trevor Pott clues you in on how to add a start menu to Windows 8.

Top 10 Windows Server 2012 Features

By Jeff James - September 21, 2012

While the jury may still be out on Windows 8 in the enterprise, there are plenty of useful features in Windows Server 2012 for IT admins.

Disabling User Account Control (UAC) in Windows 7

By Daniel Petri - December 8, 2009

Learn your options for limiting User Account Control (UAC) notifications and/or turning them off completely in Windows 7 in this article by MVP Daniel Petri.

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