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Released on October 26, 2012, Microsoft Windows 8 is the latest release of Microsoft’s Windows client operating system. Sporting a radical new tile-based user interface (formerly known as “Metro”), Windows 8 is the first version of Windows that is optimized for use with touch-screen devices like tablets and smartphones in addition to traditional personal computers. There are four editions of Windows 8: Windows 8 Home, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise, and Windows RT (pre-installed on tablets running on ARM processors). Microsoft released Windows 8.1 in October 2013, followed by Windows 8.1 Update in April 2014.

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Recent Windows 8 Articles

Check Certificate Authority Health in Windows Server 2012 R2 Using PKIVIEW

By Russell Smith - April 17, 2014

In this easy Ask an Admin, find out how to check the status of your enterprise certification authorities using the Enterprise PKI (PKIVIEW) tool.

Installing VMware View Group Policy ADM templates

By Brian Suhr - April 17, 2014

Find out how to load the VMware View administrative template (ADM) files into AD in this walkthrough.

How to Create a New Workflow with Visio and SharePoint Designer

By Flash Denning - April 17, 2014

Discover what's needed to create a workflow using SharePoint Designer 2013 and Visio Pro 2013 that can be used on a content type or a list.

Microsoft Azure: Virtual Machines, Virtual Networking, and RDS

By Aidan Finn - April 16, 2014

Still leery of Microsoft Azure? In part 2 of this series, find out whether Azure can help you in your work and whether it'll take away - or help - your job.

Editor's Picks

BYOD - Bring Your Own Device - Coming to a Workplace Near You

By Flash Denning - July 17, 2012

The consumerization of IT is here and doesn't seem to be going anywhere. This article by Michael Simmons discusses some of the advances made that allows Windows

8 Questions (and Answers) about Windows 8

By Flash Denning - May 21, 2012

Do you still have questions about Windows 8? Are you wondering if Microsoft finally got it right this time? In this post, we answer 8 questions about Windows 8.

8 Reasons Windows 8 Tablets will make a Splash in the Enterprise

By John O'Neill Sr. - May 14, 2012

Will Windows 8 tablets offer valuable and compelling features for the enterprise? The excitement surrounding Windows 8 is unmistakable, but everyone seems to

Install Windows 8 Developer Preview

By J. Peter Bruzzese - October 26, 2011

Windows 8 Developer Preview has been downloadable from Microsoft for a few weeks now. In this Article Peter Bruzzese walks through how to install Windows 8

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